Includes the dinner of your choice!!

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3:45 pm - 9:00 pm (Fri & Sat)

Enjoy Wine Country's night life! We take you to 3 wineries with live music, and finish strong with a jam band and dancing at the last stop!

You will receive wine tastings at the first 2 wineries (12+ ounces total, equal to 2 full glasses of wine) plus a wine & production tour at the 2nd winery, where you will have one of your tastings out of a production room barrel.

At the 3rd winery, you will receive a $30 credit per person for your choice of dinner and wine. You will have a dinner reservation ready for you and wait staff will take your orders after you are seated.



1) First winery - (6x) one ounce wine tastings (equal to 1 full glass of wine)

2) Second winery - (5x) 1.5 ounce wine tastings (equal to more than 1 full glass of wine) plus a 20 minute wine and production tour which includes one of your wine tastings out of a production room barrel.

3) Third winery - You order dinner and wine upon arrival, plus dancing with music from a live band! We reserve a table for you which includes full wait staff, and you are provided a $30 dollar credit (per guest) to spend on the dinner and wine of your choice! You will place your orders after being seated.

Transportation is in a party bus with limo style seating and mini-bar stocked with bottled water. Only *$99 per person!


  • Transportation
  • Bottled water on bus
  • Wine tastings at the first two wineries
  • Wine & production tour which includes one of your wine tastings out of a production room barrel
  • Dinner of your choice at the 3rd winery with reserved table and full wait staff
  • Live music at the 2nd and 3rd wineries
  • Dancing at the 3rd winery


  • BYO Champagne at pick up. We provide glasses and serve you $10 per bottle
  • Keep your Tour Private! We require a minimum of 14 guests for a private tour, however if you do not meet the minimum requirement, you may purchase the empty seats $50 per seat

*$99 per person doesn't include a 5% fuel surcharge and a 20% gratuity charge added at checkout for your driver, tour guide, & the winery wait staff for dinner

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  • H Y P E R S P A C E
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